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Of course one can hike anywhere, and trails for hiking can be found in National Parks, resorts, private land and archeological sites throughout Cayo. Some trails will lead you through jungles of hardwood and soft tropical foliage; others take you to lakes, caves, rivers, waterfalls, villages and Maya ruins. Whether you're just out for an afternoon hike or planning a more extensive exploration, experienced guides can show you the jungle in a way you'd never see by yourself. For detailed information on the parks in the Maya Mountains and surrounding region, see information for the particular area below....

For more information on hiking go to the page on National Parks

1: Mainland Beaches
Inland from this streach of coast are many eco-trails and waterfalls.



Punta Gorda

2: Maya Mountains
Eco-tourism has helped make Belize much more than just a great beach destination.

San Ignacio


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