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...unique destinations for independent travelers.


...explore Tikal and the Mayan homeland.

MayanTraveler.com focuses on the Peten region of Guatemala, where Tikal and most of Guatemala's best ruins are.

....Central America's most magnificent city.


...Central America's most magnificent city.

Antigua Guatemala was the colonial capital of Central America. It retains it Spanish flavor and architecture.

...the most beautiful lake in the world!


...the most beautiful lake in the world!.

The Lonely Planet guide to Guatemala called Lake Atitlan "the closest thing to Eden on Earth".

...Guatemala's best beach and nature reserve.


...Guatemala's best beach.

Monterrico is on the Pacific coast and quite different from Belize's Caribbean Sea.

...where business is done.

...where business is done.

The international airport is in Guatemala City

...getting there is half the fun!


...getting there is half the fun!

Van services are the best way to get around Guatemala.

...unique destinations for independent travelers.


Tropical Travel Association
...unique destinations for independent travelers.

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Tropical Travel

Tropical Travel Association
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